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Here at I Want Artificial Grass we are proud to be suppliers and fitters of some great quality artifcial grass.
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The Future


Imagine your garden transformed into your own little paradise where relaxation for the adults is possible, Adventures for the kids becomes a reality and somewhere nice and cosy for the pets. This is all possible, you can begin your adventure with a simple phone call.

Imagine the Future

I am not just talking about artificial grass but the way you will live your lives after it has been fitted. The kids can have adventures in the garden running around like little mad hatters barely containing their enjoyment as they enter a wonderland of fantasy, happiness and imagination. Build them an area to allow them to reach their full potential.

It’s not just kids that it also benefits. It benefits you adults as well with just as many possibilities. We now that being adults means lots of relaxing after a stressful day, and you don’t want to be going home to mow the lawn and maintain it. You just want to get home and have a cuppa tea in the last couple of hours of sunshine whilst enjoying your beautiful garden. It doesn’t end there though, invite your friends and family round and show them a lawn of the future whilst enjoying a few beers and a BBQ, You could even go barefooted like you would in the house!.

Want to know why artificial grass is the future of Gardens?

A large number of people are having artificial grass put down each week because they have had their eyes to the problems real grass can cause. Did you know that artificial grass also adds to the value of your house? This is due to the time that this grass lasts which is around 20 years so to a lot of people this is a long term investment. It also saves on water bills as you don’t need to water your lawn anymore meaning you can spend a bit more money on other things you might need.

Here are a few more benefits to artificial grass:

  • No need to cut the grass
  • No more mud being walked into your favourite rugs and carpets
  • A great look all year round
  • No more unsightly views

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