Keep it cool

on our last website we attempted to deliver frozen Nationwide and to be frank it was a disaster.

we had some success but the so called next day delivery let us down time after time after time.

The system we devised was supposed to keep the raw frozen for 72 hours but if the products didn't reach there the next day the customer would end up with a parcel of sloppy blood drenched unfrozen meat, if the delivery company didn't take it upon themselves to destroy it.

So after giving out hundreds in refunds we decided to knock it on the head.

Now this is a shame because it was in demand and we still have plenty of people out there asking for this service.

So I guess, you are thinking well whats the point of this post,

two points first of all at present we are only providing a local delivery service, which we do state on the open page. We are sorry for this and would like to apologise to anybody who we have had to refund for not making this clear.

The second point is, if there is anybody out there who could advise us on a method or a system to be able to continue this service we would be truly greatful