The Ultimate Treat Selection
2 Turkey Necks
2 Duck Necks
2 Rabbit ears without Fur
2 Rabbit ears with fur
1 Deer Trotter with fur
1 Deer trotted without fur
2 Junior Bully Sticks
2 Goat ears
4 Puffed chicken feet
2 Half Pig trotters
2 pork bones
2 Deer ears with fur
2 Puffed pig snouts
4 pointer sticks (assorted flavours)
2 pigs ears
2 Lamb grills
2 Salmon grills
2 rabbit flatties
2 duck flatties
4 mini chicken burgers
4 veggie cheese and tomato twists

The most popular treat box we have!


Items may be swapped for similar ones due to popularity

The Ultimate Treat Selection