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Our Story

This is where most other companies tell you how their poorly dog was beyond help and they found be feeding them their product that they devoted their entire life researching that their dogs miraculously got better lived another twenty years and never needed to go to the vets once. That they were so impressed by the product they packed up everything they were doing and set up their business.

The trouble is this rubbish sells.

 So, I had this very poorly dog and no only joking.

I am going to break protocol and tell the truth.

We have been around for 12 years and seen a few trends come and go too many to list, from the start Richard and I exposed the Liars in the industry, and they pop up all over.

 We refused to sell some of the big brands because they were full of artificial additives. I could go on about this forever and if you ever want the conversation you know where I am.

First of all, we started by stocking the better Brands, the jameswelbeloved and Burns to mention a few. Then we came across a company who made those brands and other high-quality brands and had our own label kibble produced. We where so impressed by this company and still are, that we swear by it and have built up a fantastic cliental from it and would put it against any kibble on the market today.

We promised ourselves always to try to get the best products for your dogs. My dogs being the guinea pigs for all types of new products on the block.

Then one day about 7 years ago a gentleman walked into the shop with what only I can describe as a perfect Specimen of a dog. It was the picture of health. WOW it looked amazing. I asked him what he fed his dog, The B A R F DIET he said. So, the rest is history.

We started on this Raw journey and are always on the search for something better. We continued with our own brand kibble because we know this is a fantastic product and not everybody is convinced about the raw diet or it just does not suit their lifestyle or their dogs.

We continue to learn about our products, Lisa is off on another course shortly and we bring to our customers honest advice from experience. We love our animals and yours we would not dream of selling your dog or cat or any other animals anything we would not feed our own animals.

Sorry I could not tell you that your dogs will live twice longer on our food or they will sprout wings, but I can promise you, you will get the best free advice you can get and will reap the benefits of our efforts So we can help you make your pets the best they can possibly be

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