Raw Feeding Guide

At I Want Pet Foods we know that raw feeding can be over complicated when you try to research it on the internet. We want to assure you that it is a very simple way of feeding that doesn't need to be difficult. 

This page is designed to help you from the start with some tips and tricks to help you on your way.  If you follow this guide you will have no problems with your dogs diet!

Step 1 - How much to feed

Below is a raw feeding calculator, the first step to raw feeding is knowing how much to feed. Knowing this will give you an idea on what to buy, making it easier to work out how much it is costing per feed etc etc

Step 2 - What to feed?

When it comes to starting raw feeding we have always recommended starting with chicken, this is because its one of the most common flavoured dog foods, its gentle on the stomach and what dog doesn't enjoy chicken?

There are lots of different brands, flavours, prices shapes of raw dog food and choosing the right one can be a bit daunting. Each one has its own benefits which you will find helpful along the way. We will give you a quick breakdown on the brands that we recommend and find value in them.


Durham Animal Feeds


This one is one of the most popular in our shop, they offer a large range a minces, bones and offal all packaged at 454g (1lb). They are very competitive on price and offer a good quality meat. The majority of their minces are 80/10/10 meaning that there is 80% Meat 10% Offal 10% Bone which is considered a balanced diet for dogs. It comes in packaging that is easy to open.  Their boxes contain 14 blocks.

Below are a few of the boxes and packs that we recommend to start with your dog. The starter packs offer a range of minces, treats and information to help you out if you are still confused