The 8 Bag Deal

Take one of our 2kg Bags home for FREE

When you purchase a 15kg bag of our dog food!

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Pay for the 15kg bag and get the 2kg taster bag for free. Use the 2kg bag to ensure your dog is satisfied , if by some miracle they don't like it we will take the 15kg bag off your hands with a full refund. If your dog does like it keep the big bag and over time when you buy your next 7 you will get a 9th 15kg bag for free! Saving up to £70 on your dog food! Click the button below!

Not only will you be making a substantial saving you will be treating your dog to an high quality grain free kibble and with in weeks your dog will have all the benefits that come along with it. Just like thousands of customers before you, your dogs coat will shine, the dogs energy levels will rise and that nasty job of picking up sloppy stools will be a thing of the past. Your dogs health and wellbeing will take a massive boost and like every responsible dog owner you will be proud of your beloved pet and amazed by the comments from like minded dog lovers and please. Don't keep quiet about your new found secret because as dog lovers we owe it to every dog and its owner to share these benefits. So what do you need to do next to start your dog on this transformation journey. Simple press this button and secure this limited offer because if this offer wasn't limited to a set amount of people we would be put out business by giving this amazing product away. so take these first few steps to secure your dogs happiness and with the huge savings treat yourself to something that would make you even happier, than your dogs wellbeing