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Happy Healthy Dog. Guaranteed 

What does that mean to YOU!

Laura's dog Pringle, had problems keeping its weight up, losing interest in the foods she was being offered, skin problems, bad breath and just about everything that could be wrong with this dogs diet was actually wrong.


Laura could see the pain Pringle was in being on a bad diet and desperately wanted to take action to solve it. Imagine watching your dog refuse its food, red from itching its skin, imagine how helpless she felt as a dog owner!

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She knew it needed to change and the change needed to happen quickly, luckily her son pointed her in the right direction as she quickly learned one of the Best Kept Secrets.


Within weeks, like magic, Pringle's problems were solved.


No more trips to the vets, empty dogs bowl every day and a Happy, Healthy, Dog with an increase in energy! Her coat was shining, no itching till she was red raw and a tail wag of approval!

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Laura & Pringle's story of an incorrect diet, and bad quality dog food is more common than you could imagine! What we do not know, is your story? The best thing about your story is that you can change it. We all love happy endings, do you? 

I present to you the wonders of I Want Pet Foods Grain Free Dog Food!

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  • A benefit of grain free dog food is that it can help control your pet’s weight.

  • What’s more, because of the high nutritional content in grain free dog food, it helps keep dogs fuller for longer than regular dog food, which results in less food being eaten overall.

  • Grains do not provide your dog with the proper oils and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy skin and coat.

  •  These fatty oils make your dog’s coat thick, shiny and healthy.

  • The increase in protein also leads to a stronger coat which in turn reduces shedding, a benefit that every dog owner can agree on!

  • High Meat Content - Dogs love REAL Meat, not cheap nasty stuff other companies use! This is why we have 50% Meat in our bags all freshly prepared


Quick Summary 

  • Easier to digest

  • High in fibre and healthy protein

  • Gives your dog more energy

  • Creates a shinier coat

  • Prevents allergies

  • Controls your dog's weight

  • Their breath won't smell